Why Send A Handmade?

For as long as l can remember l have had a love for crafts.  At the age of 20 l was struck down with a mystery illness that left me virtually housebound for 10 years.  It was then that crafting became a therapy for me. I later went on to get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia so some days l am limited physically but crafting still offers a much needed escape from the effects of the illness.

Items are generally made to order and customised to suit the customer’s needs.

You will see the links for my website, Facebook page and Twitter and l would appreciate if you could just pop along and take a look. If you require any further information on any items please feel free to contact me.

Why Children With Cancer?

Why am l supporting Children With Cancer?  I suffered headaches and weekly migraines from the age of 7 so although l cannot even start to understand the pain and suffering experienced by these children, l can empathise with not been able to live a normal healthy life carrying out activities that your peers do without thinking.  I missed endless days of schooling and back then felt like an outcast because as a child you want to ‘fit in’. The trials and tribulations of growing up are hard enough without the added complications of dealing with such an awful illness.

That is why l am supporting Children With Cancer – these children are so brave to keep up the fight but if they are lucky enough to come through it and go on to live a better life they will turn out to be outstanding and inspiring adults.